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About Me
I am an ENFP-A ( Extravert, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving – Assertive). Basically I am a true free spirit. I crave for creativity and adventrues. I love to travel just to see every part of the world and learn their culture and be amazed by how big the world is.

I love to talk, I think that’s why I got into radio and television. I love spreading loving messages and inspiring others to become whoever they want to be.

I started out working for MTV Radio in Jakarta in 2002. And I never stop being a broadcaster. My TV personality life also started in 2002 as a sport caster. I trully love my jobs.

I am inspired by visionaire types of people. And I believe in taking leaps of faith in life. I believe in finding out our true calling and true self is a spiritual journey that’s worth to be fighting for.

I really love my family and friends who supported me all the way to this day. I know my ideas are always crazy, but the love and understanding they give me is gold.

I love to write, to read, to listen to different kind of music and to watch too many movies lol.

I believe love is the most powerful source that can heal the world. Love can fix war, fights and hatred. I believe that God or Universe is love and it lives within me.

I am a love warrior. I believe in loving ourself first then we can love others. I also belive in compassion, forgiveness and just being. Loving and accepting what is, but at the same time align with our vortex to make our dreams come true. As well as putting in hard work at the same time surrendering the things we can’t control.

I am now working as a news anchor for CNN Indonesia. I am certified in graphology and I also learned grapho therapy because I belive our handwritings says a lot about us, our resistance, our strength and also changing it can reprogram our subconscious.

I am always excited to coach women, because I want every woman knows that they are Queen, Goddess, and a worthy person to have the best life they want!
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