A Letter to 2015

Just like everybody else in the world, I did make a NY resolution for 2015. It wasn’t a long list, but all of them are mostly require me to do a leap of faith to get done. My list were: Finishing my master degree, take acting class in Sydney / NYC, quit my jobs and live overseas, travel the world, and last but not least: End it in Bali. And I’ve ticked every single one of this! But it wasn’t an easy journey.

Finishing my master degree, I really have to thank my awesome lecturer Suzie Sudarman who pushed and pushed me even when I thought I would just dropped it and gave up. I was juggling 3 jobs and school. That wasn’t easy to do. I was too tired every day to even work on my thesis. But she literally came to my office and told me she would guide me till I graduated. I mean, who does that? She did! And I made it. And boy, isn’t it such a blessing to have her on my side!

Quitting my jobs, especially the radio and TV hosting that I have been doing for 12 years, was one of the hardest thing. But this was the key to the leap of faith that I was about to do next. If I didn’t quit, I wouldn’t start traveling the world, and living overseas like what I wrote on my list. Actually, having to have the guts to quit and enter the unknown was scary, but it was like an adrenaline high kind of scare. And I jumped into it! Then I moved to New York and actually gave myself new family of great friends and community that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I’m blessed with understanding bosses whom actually support my decision to do this. I love them crazy!

Travel the world, I think I covered a few local spots like the thousand islands, Komodo, then some EU countries where I met also great people and great new friends. Some of the travels were with my own big family! Visiting grandma in Holland, then road tripping to other countries around. Milan, Liguria, Koln, Antwerp, Maastricht, Eindhoven, etc. and rent a ranch in the middle of nowhere with the fam and just enjoying the togetherness. Never been so blessed! My family is one of the greatest gift God gave me. They are my asset. From parents, to aunties and uncles, and cousins. I’m proud I share the same blood line with these amazing people. They taught me that family comes first, and to always got each other’s back. I’ll take bullets for them anytime!

Taking acting in New York. I chose Studio 4 as I followed James Franco on IG and he was promoting his new acting school there. Enrolled for it, and I think that was the best decision I’ve made this entire year! I mean this. This is the starting point of my soul searching journey. In this class, taught by the awesome Tania Badiyi, and a class full of wonderful people who lift each others up every time, this is a love parade! This is the place where I learn vulnerability is my strength, to be open, to love myself, to not judge, to embrace everything and be in the moment. To really connect with people and to love unconditionally. To have compassion, and to be able to let go. It’s a weird acting class isn’t it? But trust me, with every single soul I crossed path in this place, I would not ever trade them with anything. They’re my precious. I survived my 6 months in NYC because of this, and another 6 friends of Indo friends. Love them all. NYC also brought me to the 2 greatest church there, Hillsong New York and NYC Church that gave me all the strength and raise my level in life!

End it in Bali. I actually wrote this and forgot about it, till I actually booked a ticket to Bali for December and then I took a look on my 2015 resolution and read that part, and had goosebumps. I guess my soul remembers it, haha. And now I’m here in Bali, reflecting my 9 months of travels, writing this with excitement and grateful heart. In disbelief that I actually did it, and with nothing to regret. I found myself, and continue doing the things I love. Been surfing the waves, getting my tan while testifying all the blessings God gave me throughout the year. Making a new pact that 2016, I want to be impactful for others. To raise my level up, and keep living my life by faith. To write a book, and to make an impactful community to show the world that love heals and that life is worth living! I guess those are another resolution that requires me to do it with the whole heart and soul, and to be able to write my evaluations at the end of 2016 without missing to tick each and every point!

2015 you have been a sport! Such a roller coaster ride that I enjoyed every single second of it. You started out a blank page, and I just let life unfold it. And look at you, all I needed to learn in life, I’ve learned it at best and at worst, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Bali, Dec 30th 2015


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