Be Here Now

I can’t remember how many times in my younger years, I said ‘never’ for things that I do now. For example, I used to say ‘ I will never have tattoos’ and now I do. Or ‘ I will never stop reading Gadis’ but now I do, and ‘ I will never stop partying and getting a little too much to drink ‘ and now I only party once in a while with almost no drink. The list can go on forever. But the point is, it is impossible to know what’s going to happen and what are you going to feel even in the next minute, so why bother taking a pledge? The key is to be in the moment. I should’ve listen to Bieber, Never say Never, huh!

Being in the moment makes all the anxiety gone. Because contemplating about the future too much is really stressful. It’s the kill joy in life. Thinking about the future most of the time IS making you feel like what you do today is not enough. That you should’ve done it ten times harder. You should’ve pushed yourself more that you already did. But then again, it already happened, so what’s the point? Can’t we all just learned from what just happened and when the ‘next time’ comes we do better, rather than being all up in our head beating ourselves up for our screw ups to just ended up screwing up again because you put too much burden on your shoulder and worry that you’ll screw up again and that’s exactly why you screwed up again? If you know what I’m saying.

Being in the moment makes all the depression gone. Because like I said before, what’s done is done. Let them bygone be bygone. You. Can. Not. Change. The. Past. Period. So if you dwell in there, which if you look it closely over and over, there is nothing new there. There is only regret. Then why bother? Why do people love it so much to torture themselves with their thoughts about the past? Dwelling in the past and worrying about the future are driven by fear! And when the fear is your god, then you are screwed! I’m telling you again one more time,

If fear is your god then you are screwed!

Because all of your actions are going to be based on it. And the outcome will never be good. I saw an interview with Tulisa, the X Factor Judge, who almost got sentenced to jail because she hooked a guy up with a drug dealer. On the interview, she said ‘My biggest fear is losing all my money. I worked hard to buy this mansion, now I live in it but I am barely here to enjoy it, coz I have to work work work, so I don’t lose all my money and this mansion’.. and the fact is, she still lost her mansion and money, because of the drug dealing accusation. Her fear of losing money and mansion creates that exact reality. If she had stayed in the moment and enjoyed her success…..

So write down your fears now. Then think, what will you be and feel without that thoughts? If the answer is happy, then being in the moment is the answer for you. There’s nowhere you’d rather be but here, now. Snap out of those past and future bs. Come back in the now, now!


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