Do You Really Have the Power That You Think You Do?

Amy Tan — ‘You see what power is – holding someone else’s fear in your hand and showing it to them’

Have you ever feel like somebody is punching your guts when you recall about a certain people? Or a lover? Maybe your parents? Can you feel that fear creeping in and triggers all of your anxiety?

Do you actually realize when that happens, you put the power in their hands? A person who holds your fear has the power over you.  They’re on pedestal, not you. Fear is ruled by ego, and runs by the past. Whatever happened to you in the past, you made it mean something negative, and it’s running your today life.

Try to look back. What kind of child were you back in the days, and is it still the same person now? If not, what happened that made you changed into you today?

Truth is, we won’t have the power to be successful and happy/joyful and serve our life purpose to the fullest, if we haven’t made peace with the past. If we don’t have or know our value, or accept ourselves 100%.

How do you see yourself today? Do you love you? Can you love your flaws and own it? If not, go inward and dig deep into the past, let go of the old meaning and stories you’ve been telling yourself all your life, and start a new beginning! The powerful you, your own hero!

I will talk about this on March 19th , Coaching Clinic at Coworkinc Space Kemang, 2-5PM. Come and transform yourself!

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Cheryl Marella

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