How To Choose Wisely the People in Your Inner Circle

“The people you surround yourself with are excellent mirrors for who you are and how much, or how little, you love yourself”*

Whether we like it or not, the closest people in our circle do influence us in a lot of things. How we value ourselves and things, the lifestyle, the mirror to us. And the things that stand out the most for us are the things that reminds us about ourselves. We all have our own reality, a product from all of our experiences since our brain could began to remember. And your reality is based on what you are focusing on and how you interpret it.

Example: When you got bullied by some people and they said ‘You’re an Idiot’. You can interpret this in a lot of ways.

These people are such a bully and they’re ass holes.
These are insecure people who don’t have manners.
See that they’re in so much pain that they need to bully others to make them feel better.
You believe that you really are an idiot.
You laugh coz it doesn’t resonate with you at all.
The choice to choose is in our hands. If we choose to understand and learn more about ourselves from it, instead of being reactive (attacking back, being defensive, whining about it etc) we will have a fast track to freedom. The things that bother us bout others remind us of the things we don’t like about ourselves. What button that their actions triggered us? Abandonment? Rejection? Insecurity? Thank them for handing us our own ‘issue’ even though we feel like we wanna punch them in the face.

“Our reality is a mirror of our thoughts, the people in our reality included”*

If you LET those people who are bullies, to keep on bullying you from time to time, and you can only complain without doing anything about it, you’re in a serious self-limited belief, that makes you too scared of removing yourself from that toxic people, fearing there is nothing better out there. There is only fear in this situation and no self love. You will be justifying, giving them excuses to treat you like dirt because you are avoiding to face your own issues on : STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF. Cause if you didn’t, nobody else will. You don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable (by letting them know you will not going to take their treatment towards you, then remove yourself with no drama and not by bullying back), so instead you self-sacrifice.

If you’re in this situation please respect yourself. Stand up for yourself and never apologize for who you are. Don’t we respect people who we know aren’t gonna take shit from anyone? Yeah, be that. I learned a lot on how to cut negative people and situations out of my life. And when that happened, I totally block them everywhere. No drama. Just removing myself out of there.

And lesson learned: We all have to own ourselves truly, not just the good traits, but mostly own our flaws. Be ok with it. Love it. Love yourself completely and fiercely, that our energy and aura rejects those who don’t see our worth and value.

*Quoting Jen Sincero in You Are a Badass

Cheryl Marella

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