Life Without Resistance

Have you ever feel like you need to struggle so much for you to make things happened?

I recently lost my dog, and I was pretty upset and frustrated. I din’t want him to go missing. What would he be eating? What if he tried to cross the street and got hit by a car? What if somebody found him and keep him? Would I ever going to find him? I didn’t realized all these thinking are resistance to what is, and it is coming from fear, and it is keeping me away from finding him.

So I turned to a good friend who says “You know, dogs are living being, it has its own freedom. You need to respect that. Now what you need to do is focus on appreciating him, loving him, act as if he is there with you, focus on the feeling of reunion, how happy you are when he is back home in your arms again, and in the mean time believe that he is just fine, adventuring himself, and that the universe will give him back to you in the devine timing. While you do action when you’re inspired to. And if your dog meant to be your dog, it will be your dog, no matter what happened.”

What a wisdom.

I started shifting. I kept sending him love and appreciation. I put his food on his bowl. And I was inspired to put on fliers with his picture and our telephone number. I didn’t write ‘MISSING’ instead I wrote ‘Please help us bring him back home’. As I felt like the word ‘missing’ is just coming from lack. And I spread it around the neighborhood. And I tried to relax. Believing I deserve what I asked, and I will get it. So while waiting I was enjoying my time. I let go of all the resistance I had, I was just going with the flow. And open myself allowing to receive what I’ve asked.

On the 7th day, I was at work, and my mom texted me “Kenzie is home!” with a picture of her holding our dog, with three other men who found him. He is healthy and getting fatter! The universe really took care of him while he was on his adventure.

I remember everytime fear creeps in, telling me I will never get my dog back, I turn into breathing deeply. I focus on my breath. And shift the mind to the present moment and just enjoying the present moment. Focus on my own breathing until there is no more fear felt within me. I did it over and over, and without resistance, whatever you asked will come fast!

Don’t struggle so much because it will lead you against the current, just let it flow. Let what you want and desire comes to you.


Cheryl Marella


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