Let Love Be Our Prayer

How many times do we try to numb ourselves in order not to feel love? Because feeling love can lead to pain, and we have been through that pain, and we thought that it’s enough. No more love means no more pain. But is it? Or is it opening another hole in us? A void that we try to fulfill with another addiction. Work, sex, alcohol, friends, movies, basically anything under the sun, but working on within. Continue reading “Let Love Be Our Prayer”

Going Within With the Relationship With Your Dog

I have learned that everything comes from energy within. And this universe is one, all related and in sync. I have learned a bit of graphology, and from your hand writings and signature you can tell about a person’s personality, strength and weakness. Because you write with your body, soul and spirit whether you like it or not. when you changed the way you write and your signature (to a better way of doing it), your life and reality will change accordingly. (As said by the graphologist on my interview a couple of weeks ago). If you don’t love yourself, it will show in your writings! Continue reading “Going Within With the Relationship With Your Dog”

There Is No Wrong Path

“Follow the stream, have faith in its course” –Sheng Yen

I was in the middle of trying to listen to my intuition, and avoid to be distracted by my thoughts when I found Oprah’s interview in Stanford University. At the end of that interview, it all made sense to me. I had to be all confused, to find this interview, and got reminded about one thing. And that one thing, is very important.

There is no wrong path. Even if it’s a bad situation, and it seems like its wrong, it will still lead you to where you are supposed to be. To your vision. Continue reading “There Is No Wrong Path”

Finding Your Focus

As I sit today, listening to Louis Amstrong, contemplating what I want to write, I just know one thing for sure, that this challenge is good for my goals.

Today I’m going to write about FOCUS. Finding your focus. Right now i’m setting a goal for my own business. And my first day challenge is finding that focus. I was thinking hard and long about it, until I came across a few great coaches that talks about it online.

Ask yourself these questions:

(Before you go to sleep) What are the emotions you mostly feel every day? If it’s a good feeling, remember what are you focusing on. Is it your job that you love? Is it your dog? Your friends? Your life?
if it’s not a good feeling, also list what lacks are you focusing on. Because what you’re focusing on triggers your feelings and your feelings made your reality. Continue reading “Finding Your Focus”