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Dare To Love And Be Loved
MerryProducer and Radio Host, LA

Working with Cheryl is amazing, because on top of everything she is being a good friend who guides me. It was shocking to found out that my handwriting shows how much I resists love! I numbed myself from pain but turns out, that also numbed me from love. After changing my handwriting, learning how to shift my thoughts, letting go and overcoming my inner fear, I realized I can have love in my life, and I can be whatever I wanna be! Thank you Cheryl!

SaryActivist and CSR Project Manager, OZ

I didn’t know that what keeped me away from love, enjoying life, being a successful woman, was the relationship between my dad and I. Cheryl pointed it out because it shows on my strokes, she guided me to change it, to forgive, and to have a powerful mindset. It was not an easy one, but I am determind! Now my family relationship is so much better, my dad and I are more understanding to each other. And since I have released my fears, I am now doing the job I have always wanted to do, I am good at it, and I am having so much love to give. Also, I now have a new boyfriend who is totally in love with me! This coaching works for every aspect of your life! Relationship and wealth, because really, it’s about your belief system!

DewiActress, Indonesia

I learned about the compatibility between my boyfriend and I through our handwritings! Cheryl told us that we are compatible, and she also told us how to adjust with each other’s demons. Now I understand why my boyfriend loves to do what he does, and he also understands why I am how I am. This is incredible, it saves me from wasting my time dating men who were never a match! And we are so much in love!

AmeliaNews Anchor, Indonesia

I had the courage the let go of my ex, after a lot of cheating, infidelities and dramas. Finding Cheryl’s coaching lets me know my strength and my weakness. Why I kept repeating a pattern of failure in relationship, or at a work place. Now I have a new boyfriend that loves me, and the situation in my work place gets so much better! I learn how to communicate well with the people around me, and I learn to pick a better man for me

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