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Don't Seek Love In All The Wrong Places But Seek Within You
- Cheryl Marella
My Story
I used to be a perfect self sabotager! I had a 4 years relationship and a pretty cool job as a radio and TV personality, but I managed to screw everything up then left with (I thought was..) nothing.

Because my relationships were failing, I turned myself into work and got addicted to it, as well as parties, overly socializing. Although my job was pretty good, I felt like I had no more room to grow, so I felt stuck. Confused. Didn’t know what I want.

Everything became a daily routine. No room to grow, no relationship, I started to blame the city I lived in and grew resentment. As an ENFP, monothone life is the worst thing life could ever do! It was the beginning of hell for me. So I started to do some research online.

I found a few coaches that that teach self love. I realized that this was my core problem. My insecurities, my worries, my anxiety and depression, my clingyness, all started because I din’t know how much I am worth. My resistance was accepting what is. I couldn’t love the place I was living, and surely everyday felt like hell. But I dedicated myself to change. First step of healing was to admit I had problems and needed guidance. Needed to do a leap of faith.

So I quit my jobs (1 radio job and 1 TV Show and 1 Office job as the Head of Digital Marketing), I sold my car, then moved to New York City. I flew 24 hours to begin my soul searching journey. I worked with a few numbers of coaches, from Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Grapho Therapist (who taught me powerful ways to change my handwritings that will simultaniously changed my subconscious) and Business Coach. I learned to identify my resistances, my fears, my old stories, my self blocks, and to let go of the old to be replaced with new mindsets, positive affirmations, how to be authentic, vulnerable and to always act from a place of love. How to apply Law of Attractions in my life the right way.

Now I am in my freedom stage! I love life and life loves me! As soon as I dropped all resistance, I went back to Jakarta and got offered to work as a news anchor for CNN Indonesia. (I told my coach when I was in New York, once I’m back home, I will work with the biggest media company. But who knew CNN opened in Indonesia a few months before I landed back home, didn’t even applied, they saw my Instagram and called me!) Speaking of alignment! I travel to hundreds of cities, and I created women empowerment community.

And speaking of relationship where back in the days I had self limitation belief that ‘I don’t deserve love coz I am not a good human being’ and ‘They will always abandon me’, I changed my life traps in my handwriting, I learned to let go of men who didn’t deserve me, I learn to love myself completely, and the most fun part (which I will also teach you) is to make a vision book! I wrote, put pictures and wrote affirmations about the man I want in my life. I wrote it in details. Two weeks after I let go of an emotionally unavailable man, the guy of my dreams came into the picture. Exactly how I want him to be, he ticks the list I wrote on my vision book! A conscious, emotionally available man who loves to travel and wants to do coaching business with me! Ofcourse, we are together ever since. No more emotionally unavailable men, no more meeting the wrong men. I am in love and so is he!

My relationship with my family is way more improved as well. I now have a powerful mindset and impactful life. I also coach women all over the world now, to write their loving life journey. Creating the life and love they want, through graphology, mindset training, mindulness living, and self love training.

You can have all that you want lady, don’t you dare say otherwise, you’re a Queen!
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